Friday, August 3, 2012


The feeling of inabsoluteness begins at the very moment as and when s/he (gender is a mere biological fact) comes out of mother's womb, s/he cries(detachment begins at birth leads to the said feeling) on, searches on, believing the vague illusion to attain completeness throughout of life. Search for completeness continues, the temporary high and contentment gives a little pleasure, the same old archetypal feeling of absoluteness, completeness, adequacy, whatever you wishes to denote. It is temporary, search continues in the same manner, aspiration and way as s/he who her/himself begun at the very moment of birth, but never and ever do find any permanance. Unfortunately s/he cannot suppose to recon the very completeness in inabsoluteness. Forget s/he is complete, absolute, one. S/he will righteously get what s/he deserve, not iota less, not iota more. The entire life cycle searches around through altering between physical, time, geographical and void dimensions (and people believes they are fulfilling life's term), it ends in void (voidness remains until mukti), begins with spiritual dimension (unfortunately there's no end or begin, it's all predefined, Karma cannot be Good or Bad), the archetypal one, the unchanged one, the one.